The Gospel for the World Lesson 4: Displaying and Declaring Light in the Darkness Lesson 4: Displaying and Declaring Light in the Darkness



All of our lives declare the excellencies of something or someone. In this final video, Ben gives a glimpse of a community in his own church and paints a picture of the two sides of a gospel-centered life on mission: declaring and also displaying the gospel. We don’t often declare or display the excellencies of overtly evil things, but in subtle ways we can avoid the world or become like the world, which takes us off mission. He gives a few brief glimpses of how we can start to pursue this life of taking the gospel to the world around us.




  • Do you tend toward “displaying the gospel without declaring it” or “declaring the gospel without displaying it”? Do you tend toward “avoiding” the world around you or looking “like” it? 
  • Of the questions Ben asked about your choices and relationships, and the examples he gave, what resonated with you? What might the Spirit be prompting in you?
  • What are some specific ways the good news of God can free you to go boldly into the darkness, both displaying and declaring the good news to an unbelieving world around you?