SOMA ADOPTION PROCESS: STRONG CHURCH ASSESSMENT Commitment #1 Commitment #1: A strong church is founded on Christ and the Apostles’ teaching.

Watch the video and work through the content for “Commitment #1” in your Strong Church Workbook. (You can use this link to share the video with your elders/leaders: Submit your responses through this Google Form in preparation for your coaching call. Let your coach know if you have any questions or concerns. 

A strong church is deliberately established on the foundation of Christ and the Apostle’s teaching. The Apostle Paul frequently contended for the gospel throughout his letters to the churches and instructed elders to do the same. He went so far as to recommend the cursing of angels if they sought to change the core teaching of our faith (Gal. 1:8). Churches today are under similar attack and elders are tasked with guarding doctrine and contending with those teaching a “different gospel.” Strong churches know that the “deposit” we have been handed is to remain unchanged as it is our lifeblood as a community of faith.