SOMA ADOPTION PROCESS: STRONG CHURCH ASSESSMENT Commitment #8 Commitment #8: A strong church is exalting Christ and equipping the saints in regular worship gatherings built on robust gospel liturgies.

Watch the video and work through the content for “Commitment #8” in your Strong Church Workbook. (You can use this link to share the video with your elders/leaders:  Submit your responses through this Google Form in preparation for your coaching call. Let your coach know if you have any questions or concerns.

Regular worship gatherings display Christ and our unity as we see the entire local church in one place. We are reminded that there are many of us with the same theology, practice, mission, and elders. While gathered, we have a picture of our mutual submission to one another and our collective belief in the gospel. Through robust gospel liturgies we are being formed in Christ together by rehearing again the essential truths of the gospel. Doing this together demonstrates our unity even as it nurtures our unity. Worship gatherings shape our common language, symbols, story, theology, practices (enacted theology), and mission. For these reasons and more, worship gatherings are essential for exalting Christ and equipping the saints.