What is the Gospel? Lesson 2: Saved from the Power of Sin Lesson 2: Saved from the Power of Sin



In this lesson, Jeff discusses how Jesus’ resurrection truly changes our present lives. Looking at the example of Jesus’ own resurrection body and activity, we see how God’s coming, perfect, eternal Kingdom can exist in us and through us now by the power of God the Spirit.




  • Why is it so important to understand that the Christian life is fully reliant on God the Spirit? Why is it so easy to try and live by our own power instead of resting in the power of God?
  • In what ways are you NOT experiencing freedom and victory over sin? What might this show you to be disbelieving about Jesus’ finished work and the power of His Spirit living in you?
  • Are there things you need to confess to God or others and get help with as God continues to free you from sin’s power and give you victory?