Lesson 3: Saved from the Presence of Sin - Saturate

What is the Gospel?

Lesson 1: Saved from the Penalty of Sin
Lesson 2: Saved from the Power of Sin
Lesson 3: Saved from the Presence of Sin
Lesson 4: Reminding Ourselves of the Gospel Story
Final Exercise: God’s Story - Our Dominant Story

Lesson 3: Saved from the Presence of Sin



After looking at the past and present, we turn to the future to see that what objectively matters most will last forever. In the gospel, we find that God promises us an eternal, future hope and inheritance. As followers of Jesus, He gives us the same confidence in a future that is far better than anything we could have on earth.




  • What areas do you find yourself living in fear of God, people, or situations? What might this reveal about your faith in God for the future? 
  • Which statement do you struggle to believe most: “I have been saved,” “I am being saved,” or “I will be saved”? Why?
  • What are some specific things you need to pray about and discuss with your community to repent, believe, and grow in the areas you identified?