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How do we make disciples during a global health crisis?

We’ve never led disciples through a pandemic. Until recently, we hadn’t led missional communities on Zoom nor thought of ways to be on mission to our neighbors while keeping six feet physical distance.

But, we know the implications of the gospel penetrate the darkest of days, strictest restrictions, and weightiest of anxieties. The gospel does that because Jesus is that good and He’s already carried these burdens to the cross and through the grave.

We believe we have resources, videos, and guides to help disciples, churches, and leaders in this moment. This page is dedicated to highlighting resources that can help you form gospel-centered communities, equip leaders, provide shepherding care, and disciple your children.

Start with Gospel Fluency

This is an unprecedented time of opportunity to speak the truths about Jesus into the lives of those around us—in our homes, with our friends, and within our churches.

Gospel Fluency

Sharing the Gospel

Our Most Common Mistake

Gospel Fluency Handbook Video Series

Gospel Fluency Pocket Guide


Are you a leader wanting to give your community a kickstart into the concept and practice of gospel fluency?

Becoming a community that speaks the truths of Jesus into the everyday stuff of life is challenging. It begins with leadership and moves toward community through shared experiences and growth in gospel understanding.

This Gospel Fluency Pocket Guide provides an easy-to-use discussion and equipping resource for community leaders through four simple exercises that can be done in communities of all shapes and sizes. Authored by Jeff Vanderstelt and Ben Connelly

Forming and Strengthening Communities

We’re being challenged to empower and equip leaders of smaller communities like never before, and we’re seeing the Church rise to the occasion.

How to Equip an MC

How to Equip an MC
Missional community is more than an event, it is a family of missionary servants who make disciples who make disciples in everyday life. As such, the equipping needed for missional community life is far reaching — ranging from an understanding of the gospel to leadership development. In this training series, Jeff Vanderstelt provides a comprehensive “101” equipping for missional communities, addressing 24 key topics related to missional community life. Each 30-minute video is structured to help train up missional communities and their leaders, and includes questions for discussion at the end of each session. Topics addressed include: how to form a missional community, discipleship, the gospel, identity, everyday rhythms, Spirit-dependence, leadership, spiritual warfare, and more.

Community Exercise: Who You’re on Mission To
This is a helpful two-week exercise to use in our communities to illustrate how God is placing us in our cities, towns, and regions, and giving us people to demonstrate the gospel to. Leaders can use this to guide their community as each person makes a list of names of people in their lives. The following week, you return to process and explore how God is calling you to love others and focus on making disciples in those relationships.

Strengthening Missional Communities
Gospel. Community. Mission.

This guide is designed to help equip you on your journey of our 10-week training on gospel, community, and mission. It designed to lay the foundations of life in Christ, life in community, and life on mission. Authored by Steve Hart

Sent Together: How the Gospel Sends Leaders to Start Missional Communities
Jesus does not simply call us to be a lovely community together, but he sends us out to our neighborhoods, towns, and cities to declare and demonstrate the gospel. In fact, the gospel beckons men and women to take up the call of leading and starting communities that are sent like Jesus.

In Sent Together, Brad Watson helps leaders discover what it means to start communities centered on the gospel and mission. Purchase on Amazon.

Decentralized Care

As pastors, we’re being called upon to create methods of care and shepherding for people scattered across our towns and cities. How do we shepherd people under the reality of the gospel?

What is Gospel Shepherding?

We Want Help with Gospel Shepherding

A Gospel Shepherding Strategy

How to do Gospel Shepherding

Personal Discipleship

In a quarantine, many of us have slower mornings and slower days without the distractions of “normal life.” What if we took this time to be strengthened by Jesus?

Spirit Dependence | Part 1

Spirit-Dependence | Part 2

Gospel Rooted
A gospel-drenched 10-week devotional that both stirs the reader’s heart towards God and forms the reader in gospel identity and fluency. This devotional is meant to be read and meditated on Monday through Friday. The weekly schedule has a daily Scripture and meditation on Who is God? on Monday’s, What has He done? on Tuesday’s, Who are we? on Wednesdays, How do we live? on Thursdays, and Celebrating the previous four days of truth on Fridays.

Practicing Rest and Solitude
While you might consider life as a disciple to be filled with activity, one of the more important invitations Jesus gives us is rest. Solitude and silence work together in disciplining our hearts to find satisfying rest in Christ. Solitude is blocking out all outside voices and interactions so that we can focus on God. Silence is abstaining from speech so that we can listen to God’s words to us. This exercise is a great tool to equip ourselves in the important practices of silence and solitude.

Listen and Obey
How do I bear fruit in keeping with repentance? The Spirit will always call us to live out our gospel identity. This simple tool allows you and fellow disciples to consider and pray through ways to walk in faith. If the gospel applies to every aspect of our lives, the fruit of the gospel will be evidenced in actions and obedience in all aspects of life. Authored by Abe Meysenburg

Study and Ask
How do we read the Scriptures in community and with God at the center? In other words, how can we engage the Bible together without it being a manual on life but as a the life-giving story where we discover the character of God, what he’s done, who we are, and then, how we should live? This simple resource provides practical wisdom in engaging the Bible with others in a DNA Group, community, or as individuals. Authored by Abe Meysenburg

Family Discipleship

Many of us find ourselves at home with our children 24/7 and that hasn’t happened since they were babies. How do we disciple and form them in the gospel?

Parenting Kids Towards Jesus

Parenting Kids along the Way

Making Space for Parenting & Family

This guide was created to help fathers and mothers think through the implications of the gospel on parenting and family. We’re asking the big question: how can we make space to care for and raise our children with great intentionality?

Parenting is one of the greatest tasks we’ve been given in life; and yet, we rarely process this calling with our partners in parenting. Most of the time, we simply survive each day and focus on the logistics of parenting. We suggest doing this study with your spouse, perhaps one section an evening for several days. It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend your evenings than reflecting on Jesus, the calling of parenting, and praying for your kids.

Download the ebook above

Story of God for Kids

From Creation to Restoration. The unfolding story of God’s creation, redemption, and restoration captivates every human heart-especially the hearts of kids! Telling the Story of the Bible disciples our children better than any other approach. These twenty-two stories guide kids through the key turning points of Scripture and help them learn to engage, discuss and connect the dots of the story.

The Story of God for Kids is a proven resource that has helped many children understand the full narrative of the Bible. It’s designed for K-5th graders, but can also be used in communities who want to mix adults and kids together and is an excellent way for families to engage the story of God together.

Download the Curriculum Kit above

Gospel Basics for Kids Curriculum Kit
Gospel Basics for Kids helps form children into disciples of Jesus who can make disciples of Jesus. If we are to see our children living out their identities as children of God, disciples, missionaries, and servants, they need the same gospel truths that transform us. Gospel Basics for Kids is a 14-week curriculum journey that engages children’s understanding of the gospel, belief in the gospel, and living the gospel in their daily lives. Applicable for families, communities, and churches, this story-based approach roots children in the essentials of the gospel and the implications of the gospel in every aspect of life.

The Curriculum Kit includes:

  • PDF of the book + a PDF of each week’s lesson to send to your leaders

The  Extras kit includes:

  • Coloring pages
  • Sing-along songs
  • Craft Templates

Gospel Basics Songs for Kids

We’ve created a collection of songs to go with our curriculum for your kids to sing along to.

God the Father is Good

Come and Follow Me

Give Us Ears to Listen


Watch past recorded webinars focused on how to disciple through the Covid19 epidemic.

Decentralized Discipleship

Blog Posts

We have a selection of blog posts written to encourage and equip you through this time.

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