A Field Guide for Genuine Community

25 Days and 101 Ways to Move From Facade to Family

Book Summary

I’m surrounded by people at church . . . so why do I feel so alone?

You show up at church every Sunday. You see people you know. You listen to a sermon together. And then you go home feeling just as isolated as you did before. What’s going on?

We all know that a church is supposed to be a community. The trick is to actually make it one. Communities don’t happen by chance—certainly not in our Lone Ranger culture that values independence and individualism. A truly Christian community must be built by intentional practices that allow for deeper connections, centered on the unity that can only be found in Christ.

In A Field Guide for Genuine Community, longtime pastor and discipleship trainer Ben Connelly shows you that the biblical model for community is the family of God. In twenty-five short, practical readings, he takes you beyond the surface and helps you learn to connect with your brothers and sisters as true family members. The church isn’t meant to be a collection of strangers. God intends for you to find a unified and purposeful household where you truly belong.

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About Ben

Ben Connelly is a pastor, author, equipper, and occasional professor. He is honored to serve everyday disciples, ministry leaders, and church planters across the world through The Equipping Group, and to help lead Salt+Light Community and Plant Fort Worth in Fort Worth, TX.

Ben has written or contributed to several books, workbooks, articles, and publications, has overseen church planting efforts for multiple organizations, and has also taught university and seminary classes. 

He and Jess have three children (Charlotte, Maggie, and Travis) and at times, host short-term foster kids too. Learn more at benconnelly.com or @connellyben on various social media platforms.

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Exclusive Companion Resources

Ben Connelly and the team at Saturate have created free resources to help leaders equip your church, organization, or group to dive deeper into genuine, gospel- formed community. We encourage you to explore them as you read, reflect, and process through this book, personally or with your group.