The roots of Saturate began in the early 2000s, since than we have been providing our resources at no cost to all international partners and churches as well as under-resourced communities in North America. When you give to Saturate you invest in global disciple-making.  

In the past 4 years, we have translated over 51 resources and trained leaders in over 35 countries. We are committed to supporting indigenous leaders who are building and leading teams of communities on mission so that gospel reaches every person in every place.

Below you will see the stories of humble, courageous, and faithful disciples around the world. Your generosity allows us to continue providing training and resources to these communities for free.

97% of Mexicans are religious, yet only 8% are evangelicals. In partnership with the Soma Family of Churches, Atanasio is leading an initiative to identify, equip and support indigenous leaders to strengthen and plant churches of missional communities in latin contexts.

One of the greatest needs is translated and contextualized, mixed-media resources. Your support allows us to continue partnering so that the gospel reaches latin communities.

Gospel saturation is increasing even in the face of persecution and oppression from the government.

In 2018 over 200 leaders gathered in the central cities of Russia to learn what Missional Community life is all about. This training had been birthed after K.G. returned from Soma School in 2014. It took local leaders five years to facilitate and translate the materials in order to make this training a reality.

Japan is the second most unreached nation in the world. There are over 125 million people living in Japan, but only 0.58% of those people are evangelical Christians. Yoshi longs to see Tokyo restored by the gospel.
Approximately 34 million people live in the greater Tokyo area, we will not reach this city alone. It will require praying, supporting, coaching and sending together.
After completing Soma Sending in 2017, Dawson and Laurel Jones moved to Nitra, Slovakia to serve church planting churches in Slovakia and Eastern Europe.

The need for the gospel in Eastern Europe is great and Dawson and Laurel have a vision to see churches of missional communities planted throughout the region.

Gospel saturation is God’s vision for the world.  He plans to accomplish this vision is through normal, everyday people saturated with the presence and good news of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.

We are committed to seeing a day come when every man, woman, and child in every corner of the world will have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed through His people, the Church.

Saturate exists to catalyze, unite, and equip the church to live as disciple-makers in the everyday stuff of life. Learn more about the way we do that. 

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