Saturate exists to serve and equip leaders to start and strengthen unified gospel city movements that lead to gospel saturation.

Our story didn’t begin with this vision. It started with a small group of people in Tacoma, Washington who had a vision to see our city transformed by the gospel through disciples of Jesus on His mission together in the everyday stuff of life. We began with twenty people who learned to follow Jesus together on mission to their neighborhood, work, schools, and places of recreation. These twenty people formed our original four missional communities. Those first four multiplied to eight, then sixteen, then thirty-two and so on. Here’s a picture of what one of those missional communities was like…

People traveled from all over the world to learn more about how to bring similar expressions of Jesus and His church to the places where they live, work, learn, and play. Soma School was created to provide a full immersion, equipping experience. Our desire was two-fold: first, to both expose leaders to everyday people in missional communities as they lived their lives on mission together, and second to equip leaders to establish similar works in their own context. Over the years we have trained several thousand leaders from over thirty countries. Leaders have come from all over North America, Central, and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Australia. Hundreds of new churches and ministries have been started as a result, including works like Dope Church and Big House Beans…

Over time, a multi-denominational family of churches was formed called the Soma Family of Churches, and the vision for collaborating together in cities or regions for the sake of gospel saturation began to emerge. We asked the question: What if churches began to live into the vision Jesus prayed for in John 17? What if we were to all work together as one unified Church on mission together toward the goal of gospel saturation? This vision is what led to the formation of Saturate and the dream of serving and equipping leaders to collaborate in their own cities around the five key initiatives for gospel saturation. Charleston is one of those cities…

It is our hope to have fifteen gospel city movement hubs established by 2030. Presently, we are in different phases of this work in: Seattle, WA; Charleston, SC; Memphis, TN; Montreal, Canada; Queretaro, Mexico; and Tokyo, Japan. We plan to add nine more cities in the next two to five years. We need your help to make all our online training resources freely available to all who need them, and to support the Saturate team that serves the leaders and churches in each of these cities.

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