Gospel saturation is God’s vision for the world.  He plans to accomplish this vision through normal, everyday people saturated with the presence and good news of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.

We are committed to seeing a day come when every man, woman, and child in every corner of the world will have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed through His people, the Church.

Saturate exists to catalyze, unite, and equip the church to live as disciple-makers in the everyday stuff of life. Learn more about the way we do that. 

Saturate believes the local church is God’s plan for bringing this vision about (Eph. 1:22-23; Col. 1:27). We also believe God intends to unite His church in a region to accomplish it (John 17). We believe a saturation hub should exist in every major population area to see the vision fulfilled. 



The vision of Saturate 14-28 is to create a reproducible program that identifies and disciples high school and college-aged students to become equipped to serve the kingdom as church planters, pastors, missionaries, and gospel-centered lay people.



Cities saturated with the good news of Jesus will never be realized without strong leaders. Our cities and the churches, organizations and businesses within will never be healthier than their leaders. 

The vision of Strong Leader is to help church leaders survive and thrive for the long-haul by helping them become more attentive to their own souls and marriages and the wellbeing of other leaders…thus making ministries more rooted, meaningful, and sustainable.

The vision of Familia Soma is to train and equip Latino leaders to speak the Gospel and equip saints for the work of ministry in Latin and North America. Culturized content will be created to provide gospel-centered coaching, mentoring, resources, and training. By 2023, Familia Soma projects planting 5-10 churches, establishing 20-70 missional communities, and equipping 250 – 1000 disciples/everyday missionaries.

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