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Everyday disciples of Jesus take up the call to surrender their lives to the power and presence of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. You get to follow Jesus—the Servant-King of the world!

Saturate is here to equip, inspire, and encourage disciples of Jesus to live the implications of the gospel in the places God has called them. In other words, we want to help you faithfully and effectively walk toward the mission of God where you are.

Step 1:
Stepping into a
Disciple-Making Life

The first step in this pathway is all about learning through reading, reflecting, watching, and more. Disciples are learners. We constantly grow in our understanding of the gospel and the implications of the gospel on our lives.

Learn more about Stepping in the Disciple-Making Life

Step 2:
Live – 
A Roadmap into a Disciple-Making Life


Discipleship, however, isn’t a learning exercise, it’s a life—a life increasingly submitted to the power and presence of Jesus in every aspect of human affairs. But where do you begin? We’ve created this roadmap of four simple actions to reorient your life on the mission of Jesus.

Learn More about how to Live - A Roadmap

Step 3:
Talk About It

Finally, please don’t do it alone! Share your questions, learnings, experiences, and encouragements with others. All of discipleship happens in community.

Learn more about how you can connect and learn with others

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