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The best way to step into a disciple-making life, is not through reading or watching…it’s through living. Here are the four best baby steps into the mission of God in the places He’s called you.

  1. Enjoy the fruit of the gospel—a life with God. Jesus commands us and invites us into a life lived close to God and growing in affection for Him! In fact, the promise in the Great Commission is this: God with us to the end of the age! Consider walking in this by walking through Growing in Christ Together (coming soon!) with a few fellow disciples as a way to grow in gospel joy.
  2. Pray for three neighbors, coworkers, classmates, or unbelieving friends each day.
  3. Seek one opportunity each week to bless or serve others in your neighborhood or at work. Download 10 Ways to Serve Others
  4. Spend relational time with a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who doesn’t know Jesus and get to know some of his or her story. — Download 10 Ways to Relationally Connect with Others.

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