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As a leader, you’ve answered the call to take initiative for the benefit of others. Namely, you’re dedicating your life not only to following Jesus, but to cultivating a community that calls others to learn to follow Jesus, too.

Saturate exists to equip, inspire, and encourage leaders in their journey to make disciples who make disciples. In other words, we focus our podcasts, articles, trainings, and resources on the front lines. We’re sending reinforcements. We’re crafting resources, training, and coaching to help you lead in the next step God has called you to.

Step 1:
Leading a Disciple-Making Community

What does it take to lead a community of disciples on mission? What do you need to know and how can you learn how to do it? We begin with learning!

Learn more about Leading a Disciple-Making Community

Step 2:
Live – Walk in Missional Community Leadership

Leading a community of disciples into the richness of the gospel, community, and shared mission isn’t a learning exercise, it’s a beautiful life. Here are four profound resources to help you walk out a life of leadership and cultivate a thriving missional community. We recommend them to every leader!

Learn More about Walking in Missional Community Leadership

Step 3:
Talk About It
with Others

Not only does leadership require a new framework for discipleship and a lifestyle of praying for and engaging neighbors…it also requires help from others. We’re all learning to be disciples and make disciple and we all learn from each other. It’s not that community is a nice bonus, it’s a necessity.

Learn More about how you can connect and learn from others

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