Live - Walk in Missional Community Leadership - Saturate


How can you take what you’ve learned and take a few baby steps in your own development, the development of your community, and your desire for life on mission?

  1. Craft a leadership development plan. You need to own your growth as a leader. Use this resource to create a plan for your development in character, competency, and skill.
  2. Root your community in the gospel, identity, and life in community on mission. The Saturate Field Guide is an eight-week curriculum for community meetings and for individual processing. This is a powerful tool. Consider using this to reboot or lay the foundation for community in the gospel.
  3. Focus on mission. Most communities and leaders struggle with missional focus. Walk through this resource and template to create a simple and tangible approach to mission: 5 Essentials for Effective Mission.
  4. Where do I go from here?  What do you do after you establish your community in the gospel and beginning living your missional plan? This resource helps you ask the right questions to make an ongoing plan, not just the first steps.

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