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Check back in late September for registration for late fall Learning Communities

Church on Mission

Sept 10 – Oct 15 | Thurs, 10:30-12p pst/1:30-3p est

How can my church live on mission, especially when people are isolated and wary of others? How can we go about God’s great commission of making disciples, boldly and winsomely? How can our inward-facing communities turn outward?

More than ever before, our neighbors, co-workers, and friends need the Church beyond Sundays. The world needs more than church services, sermons, and blogs. The world is in need to be introduced to Jesus through the family of God.

This Fall Learning Community helps church leaders consider how to turn your church toward mission, even in the challenges of Fall 2020. For six weeks beginning Sept 10, you’ll consider realities like identity in Christ, church leadership’s own lives on mission, and systems, tools, and metrics for a disciple-making church.

Gospel Fluency

Sept 10 Oct 15 | Thurs, 12:30-2p pst/3:30-5p est

How is Jesus still good news, in the isolated season and divided culture that marks Fall 2020?

Our churches, and the non-believing world around us, needs us to believe the gospel, to intentionally rehearse it (to ourselves and to others), and immerse ourselves in its truths. Only then will we start to see how everything in our lives, from the mundane to the magnificent, is transformed by the hope of the gospel.

This Fall Learning Community helps church leaders consider how the gospel applies to everyday life, what that means for you personally, for your community, and for mission. For six weeks beginning Sept 10, you’ll grow in seeing all of life through the lens of the gospel, and equipping your church in gospel fluency.

Format: After watching videos and completing prep work, each week’s cohort call will involve prayer, discussion around content and prep work facilitated by Ben Connelly, and open Q&A. Along the way, you’ll learn from seasoned church leaders and our last call involves a Q&A with Jeff Vanderstelt. You’ll end the course with a personalized next steps plan.
Time: Each week requires ~90 minutes’ prep work before our call
Cost: $150 for Saturate members; $180 for non-Saturate members (includes 3 month Saturate Membership)