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If you use this document without adaption, please ensure this statement or similar is already on the document:
© 2017 Saturate. Some rights reserved. You are free to use, remix, and build upon this work non-commercially if you attribute “”.

If you adapt, remix or build upon this document, please ensure this statement is on the document:
Originally created by Saturate.
© 2017 Saturate. Some rights reserved. You may not use, remix, and build upon this work unless you
attribute “” and abide by terms found at:

Proper attribution includes a visible location in the document. Acceptable locations are on the cover, inside cover, at the beginning of the document, in the footer, or back cover. Please contact us if you are unsure that you have properly attributed Saturate.


  • As a part of your Saturate membership, you may use these files in any way that personally benefits you, the user.
  • You may not share or distribute the files with anyone.
  • You may not share your login/password information with anyone so that they may access or download files from the Saturate website.
  • You may print any document files for distribution as long as you provide proper attribution (see above) and do not violate terms in this document license and within your Saturate User Agreement.
  • You are not allowed to use or distribute this work commercially or for any personal profit. You are not allowed to seek reimbursement for printing costs incurred during legal distribution.


You are allowed to adapt, remix and/ build upon this original document. You must give proper attribution (see above). Please contact us with any questions regarding acceptable adaptions of documents.

Examples of acceptable adaption:

  • Replacing Saturate logo and branding with your church/organization logo and branding
  • Changing some of the words/phrases used in the document to better reflect the language of your church/organization
  • Reorder content or adding additional content that benefits your intended use of the document


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