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Missional Church Transition Starter

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Main Sessions

Session 1 – Listen FREE Now

Session #1: What is a Disciple-Making Church +/-

In this first session, Jeff Vanderstelt teaches on the essentials of a disciple-making environment. He highlights the biblical vision we hold as churches and lays out the key elements we need to think through when we are evaluating, strategizing, and praying for our churches.

Session 2

Session #2: Vision for Gospel Saturation +/-

In this session, Jeff Vanderstelt teaches on the core convictions of the gospel, what it does, and how it shapes a people and a city. This big picture vision is crucial for any church, but especially those making the shift toward incarnational, missional, everyday disciple-making.

Session 3

Session #3: Summit Crossing’s Story and Lessons +/-

In this session, Paul Whaley shares the story of Summit Crossing Community Church’s journey from Sunday attraction to everyday mission. Paul highlights key moments in their journey, encourages all pastors, and offers insights into what they’ve done and what they’ve learned as a church in the Bible Belt of the South moving toward missional communities.

Session 4

Session #4: Bridgetown’s Story and Lessons +/-

In this session, John Mark Comer shares the story of Bridgetown’s shift toward everyday discipleship. John Mark gives the roots and convictions behind how their church first decided to make the shift, and lessons they’ve learned along the way as a church in the urban core of a postmodern city.

Session 5

Session #5: Grace Community Church’s Story and Lessons +/-

In this session, Dan Bovenmyer shares the story of Grace Community Church and what they’ve experienced and learned as they’ve implemented missional communities. Drawing on years of experience, Dan humbly articulates what it takes to begin shifting a church in the Midwest.

Session 6

Session #6: Austin Stone’s Story and Lessons +/-

In this session, Todd Engstrom shares the story of Austin Stone’s transition to missional communities. Beginning with their early convictions and walking through their early days of struggle, he ends with wisdom they’ve learned from God. This inspiring story highlights the journey God has for us as leaders as we lead churches toward disciple-making.

Session 7

Session #7: Doxa’s Story and Lessons +/-

In this session, Jeff Vanderstelt shares the story of Doxa Church’s movement toward missional communities. Jeff humbly shares the burdens, joys, and insights as someone who has both planted a church of missional communities and is now leading a congregation from an attractional model toward missional communities.

Breakout Sessions

Jeff Vanderstelt

The Role Pilot Groups Play in Transitioning Your Church | Jeff Vanderstelt +/-

Transitioning your church from Sunday to everyday includes helping your church family live out their identity as disciples and disciple-makers. It requires moving people from seeing “church” as a building or a weekly event they attend to seeing themselves as the church, called to BE the church in the everyday stuff of life. In this session, Jeff Vanderstelt explains how pilot groups can help transition your church toward an effective, disciple-making community by integrating new people into the life of your church and providing a process for launching new communities on mission, as well as rebooting struggling groups.

Paul Whaley

How Do You Use Sundays? Preaching and Communication in a Transition | Paul Whaley +/-

Sunday is important. How are you using it? This breakout, led by Paul Whaley, will help preachers and communication directors think through some key areas to pay attention to when your church is transitioning from a traditional model that is more Sunday and program driven to a more decentralized missional model.

Todd Engstrom

How Your Metrics Affect Your Systems and Structures | Todd Engstrom +/-

This workshop, led by Todd Engstrom, will help you assess what you and your church are currently prioritizing (Sunday attendance, budget, staffing, programs, discipleship, missional health) and in what areas you may need to grow. If you are working through this content, you are probably already thinking through how to stop gathering and keeping people, and start equipping and releasing people. In order to love and shepherd your church family, as well as equip and catalyze them to bring the Good News where God has sent them to live, work, learn, and play, we need a different set of metrics.

Dan Bovenmeyer

Transitioning Your Team | Dan Bovenmyer +/-

Without alignment of vision and mission from core staff and leaders, transitioning your church toward effective disciple-making communities will be near impossible. Leadership alignment and clear roles and expectations is of paramount importance before you “do” any transition work in your church. In this breakout Dan Bovenmyer will walk through what he’s learned as his team moved from functioning in one paradigm toward a new one.

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