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Pilot Guide
Missional Church Transition Starter

If you are a church of missional communities that is growing numerically through Sunday attendance, or if you are transitioning your church toward missional communities, you will likely face these two problems:

One: you don’t have enough missional communities for your people to get involved in. Or, two: Whenever a person joins an already existing Missional Community, they often do so with little or no knowledge of what a missional community is or they have very little commitment to the missional community and the mission.

So, we created the MC Pilot Group experience*. Pilot groups provide an opportunity for every member of a church to get informed on what a missional community is, get experiential training on the basics of how missional communities work, connect with people from their area of the city in significant ways and hopefully find themselves committed to be a missional community together at the end of this 8-week experience that is paired with the Saturate Field Guide.

The Pilot Guide includes the following to download:

  • An e-book of the Pilot Guide with trainer notes written by Jeff Vanderstelt, explanations, and everything you and your staff needs to create this experience in your church.
  • All the slides and graphics that correspond to this training.
  • D.E.E.P.E.R. Training Explanation — How we train and design training to holistically equip disciples.

*Follow the Pilot Guide step-by-step or customize the content to fit the context of your church.



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