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Frequently Asked Questions


Our memberships are set to AUTO RENEW at the end of your billing cycle whether that is by the month or yearly. You will be sent a reminder about the renewal if you signed up for a yearly subscription.

Simply visit your MY ACCOUNT page and click on the “Manage/Cancel Membership” to view what kind of membership you have.

Simply visit your MY ACCOUNT page and view the side tabs for more information

From your My Account page, choose Manage/Cancel Membership and choose “UPDATE” in the subscription box to change your credit card information.

From your Member Home page, click on “Manage/Cancel Membership”. Choose the option you want to change.

From your Member Home page, click on “Change your Password“. Your password will need to include the following in order to be accepted as secure: at least one capital letter, one number and one special symbol.

When you sign up, you agree to be charged monthly or yearly for a recurring membership. You agreed to our TERMS & CONDITIONS when you signed up. We send out reminders 3-5 days prior to an annual subscription renewal, giving you enough time to cancel before being billed. We are not refunded any of the processing fees when we refund payments. We rely on these funds to support the ministry and can no longer refund every request that comes in. For that reason, we handle refunds on a case by case basis. Thank you for understanding.


For updated terms of use and license, please visit:

If you use this document without adaption, please ensure this statement or similar is already on the document:
© 2017 Saturate. Some rights reserved. You are free to use, remix, and build upon this work non-commercially if you attribute “”.

If you adapt, remix or build upon this document, please ensure this statement is on the document:
You are free to use, remix, and build upon this work non-commercially if you attribute Saturate and abide by terms found at:

Proper attribution includes a visible location in the document. Acceptable locations are on the cover, inside cover, at the beginning of the document, in the footer, or back cover. Please contact us if you are unsure that you have properly attributed Saturate.

  • As a part of your Saturate membership, you may use these files in any way that personally benefits you, the user.
  • You may not share or distribute the files with anyone.
  • You may not share your login/password information with anyone so that they may access or download files from the Saturate website.
  • You may print any document files for  distribution as long as you provide proper attribution (see above) and do not violate terms in this document license and within your Saturate User Agreement.
  • You are not allowed to use or distribute this work commercially or for any personal profit.
  • You are not allowed to seek reimbursement for printing costs incurred during legal distribution


You are allowed to adapt, remix and/build upon this original document.
You must give proper attribution (see above). Please contact us with any questions regarding acceptable adaptions of documents.

Examples of acceptable adaption:

  • Replacing Saturate logo and branding with your church/organization logo and branding
  • Changing some of the words/phrases used in the document to better reflect the language of your church/organization
  • Reorder content or adding additional content that benefits your intended use of the document

You can share any content from our site with up to 14 church leaders. Please see our license terms if you have any questions.

You are the only person allowed to login to your account. Please do NOT share your login with anyone else. Doing so forfeits your rights to access of the Saturate material.

To share written content, you may share the items you download with up to 14 Leaders. Simply download the PDF or ZIP file and email to them.

To share videos, you may stream in person or share the video links found on the series pages as shown below:


Our online community is available through Facebook.

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At this time, all of our online communities are available only through Facebook groups. You can create an account for free and request to join any of the groups for the region you are in.

Find your region below and join our new regional communities.  These groups exist for unique collaboration and unity opportunities. They will be a place to work together towards Gospel Saturation.

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