Gospel Basics for Kids [Curriculum Kit Only]

Starting From: $24.99



The Gospel Basics for Kids digital curriculum kit includes:

  • Coloring pages
  • Sing-along songs
  • Craft Templates
  • PDF of the book + a PDF of each week’s lesson to send to your leaders

(The Curriculum Kit includes the license to share the kit with your team/leaders.)

The Good News about Jesus is Good News for Everyone and Every Age

Gospel Basics for Kids helps form children into disciples of Jesus who can make disciples of Jesus. If we are to see our children living out their identities as children of God, disciples, missionaries, and servants, they need the same gospel truths that transform us.

Gospel Basics for Kids is a 14-week curriculum journey that engages children’s understanding of the gospel, belief in the gospel, and living the gospel in their daily lives. Applicable for families, communities, and churches, this story-based approach roots children in the essentials of the gospel and the implications of the gospel in every aspect of life.


How many adults are in your church?

Want to look inside? Download the Intro and Week 1