Gospel Fluency Handbook Video Series




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Learning and immersing ourselves in the gospel is hard work! We need all the help we can get! In this nine part video series, Jeff Vanderstelt provides a great launching point into each week of the Gospel Fluency Handbook to help groups grasp the concepts and dive into the practice of becoming gospel fluent.
Included in this Series:

  • INTRODUCTION: What is Gospel Fluency and Why is it Important?
  • WEEK ONE: Everyone is an Unbeliever
  • WEEK TWO: The Gospel Story
  • WEEK THREE: The Gospel in Me, Part 1
  • WEEK FOUR: The Gospel in Me, Part 2
  • WEEK FIVE: The Gospel with Us, Part 1
  • WEEK SIX: The Gospel with Us, Part 2
  • WEEK SEVEN: The Gospel to Others, Part 1
  • WEEK EIGHT: The Gospel to Others, Part 2


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