Growing in Christ Together – Participant

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“Discipleship is not a program of the church, but the mission of the church. The process of discipleship could be defined as leading people to increasingly submit all of life to the lordship and empowering presence of Jesus Christ.” — Jeff Vanderstelt, Founder of Saturate

At its core, discipleship is a multifaceted, communal, and holistic process as the gospel transforms our head, heart, and hands. Part of discipleship is growing in our understanding of the gospel with others—God calls us to Discover who he is, what he has done, who we are, and how we live as we read the Bible. Secondly, we’re called into relationships that Nurture the ongoing journey of repentance and faith. Lastly, Christ calls us to listen to Act as we grow in obedience. D-N-A groups are intentional on walking through this process of Discover, Nurture, and Act with other men and women.

Growing in Christ Together is a sixteen week curriculum designed to help groups of men and women initiate this life-long process of discipleship. You will focus on the essentials of following Jesus through reading, conversation, community, and obedience. Be prepared: this is more than a Bible study you attend. Growing in Christ Together will invite you to grow as a disciple and help others grow, too.

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