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Jonah is a story about a sour prophet on the run. It’s also a story about a large fish with an appetite for prophets. And, it’s the story of a rebellious city sprung into a revival of repentance. But, it’s first and foremost about God and His mission.

He gets the first words, and He gets the last. He is the cause and the conclusion of this story. To journey through the book of Jonah is to go on a long walk into the heart of God and His passion for making Himself known to all people.

In this guide, you will walk through the book of Jonah with an ear for the essentials of the Christian life, particularly the mission of God. It will encourage and challenge you to examine what you believe about God, the mission He calls us to, our role in it, and how the gospel can come to our cities. The Scriptures, studied in community and enlightened by the Holy Spirit, change us. This guide aims to make space and help communities engage Jonah that way.

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