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How to Use Your Community Meeting

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How to Use Your Community Meeting

Online Course

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In this five-lesson course you will learn how to can make the most of your community’s time together for the sake of mission and the health of your group. This is a big deal. Will you use these times to care for one another? To learn how to love neighbors? To plan ways of engaging your mission? To learn the scriptures and begin walking in obedience to them? What should you do? In the end, you will use your community meetings for all of the above and it will depend on the season of your community and what’s going on in the your mission.

This course is designed you and your fellow leaders insight and equipping into this key area. Through this course, you will focus on thinking both prayerfully and strategically about your community, your context, and what God has called you to do in the next season.

  • Learn the key factors to consider in structuring your time with your community
  • Learn how a meeting can be used to reinforce life-on-life, life-in-community, and life-on-mission
  • Learn all the ways a meeting can be coordinated
  • Learn how to plan your community monthly and weekly
  • Learn how to think strategically with a team to lead well

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