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Saturate Field Guide Video Series

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Saturate Field Guide

Video Series

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This nine part video series enhances and deepens the learning experience for groups using the Saturate Field Guide. Week by week, Jeff Vanderstelt articulates and summarizes key ideas, themes, and principles as groups engage and process the Field Guide together. Additional concepts and training will enhance learning for groups as they move toward becoming a community centered on the gospel and on the mission of Jesus.

Included in this Series:

  • Introduction
  • SESSION ONE:  Jesus is Better
  • SESSION TWO: All of Life Discipleship
  • SESSION THREE: Identity of Family
  • SESSION FOUR: Identity of Servant
  • SESSION FIVE: Identity of Missionary
  • SESSION SIX: Rhythms Part One (Eat, Celebrate, Recreate)
  • SESSION SEVEN: Rhythms Part Two (Listen, Story, Bless)
  • SESSION EIGHT: Commission
  • Appendix: Equipping the Church APEST


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