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For Church Leadership Teams

The Role of Elders and Deacons

What are the roles of elders and deacons in Soma? What are the the roles, responsibilities, and rhythms of elders and deacons...
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The Role of Elders

What are the roles of elders and what are the primary perspectives they lead from? Hear about some of the distinctives of  leadership....
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Coaching Missional Communities

What are the best practices for coaching missional communities in a way that is helpful and sustainable? The main goal of coaches is to move the missional ball forward...
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APEST Implications for a Missional Community

How does the Ephesians 4 equipping paradigm of apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, teacher (APEST) play out in missional communities? Jeff Vanderstelt teaches that we need all five of these people gifts ...
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Developing Apprentice Leaders

How do you identify, train up, and send out apprentice leaders as missional communities move towards multiplication? Jeff Vanderstelt shares that his first step
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How to Transition to Missional Communities

How do you transition to a missional community structured church? Jeff Vanderstelt shares that the starting point is theologically convicted leadership, new metrics for success...
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Planting vs. Transitioning to Missional Communities

What are the factors to consider when deciding whether to transition a church to missional communities or begin planting new churches with a missional community focus? Jeff Vanderstelt presents different approaches...
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Missional Communities As Primary Organizing Structure

What does it take to raise up disciples who are increasingly submitting all of life to the empowering presence and Lordship of Jesus? Jeff Vanderstelt teaches that this kind of discipleship necessitates life-on-life...
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How to Equip a Missional Community

In this training series, Jeff Vanderstelt provides a comprehensive “101” equipping for missional communities, addressing 24 key topics related to missional community life.
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Missional Community Church Realities

Churches that are structured around missional communities face a diverse range of challenges and questions. How do you develop apprentices... Read more »
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How to Form a Missional Community

What are the necessary elements for forming and leading a missional community?
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