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Leading an MC

Discipleship on Mission

In this course, Jeff Vanderstelt and Ben Connelly show us various elements of our own discipleship that occur on mission, in addition to the discipleship that can occur in others.
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Discipleship in Community

In this course, Jeff Vanderstelt reminds us that discipleship starts with and ends with the good news of Jesus applied to all of life.
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What is a Missional Community?

In this course, Jeff Vanderstelt provides an overview of ten key elements in forming a healthy missional community...
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What Is Discipleship?

In this course, Jeff Vanderstelt defines discipleship by looking at Jesus’ own words, paints a picture of how following Jesus changes every aspect of our lives
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In everything you do, God is present. Everywhere you go, you are a child of God, a servant to Jesus, and a sent one by the Spirit. Everything counts. Christ plays in the everyday stuff of life.
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Advent Community Guide 

We designed this devotional as a way to help you think about the themes of Advent and Christmas. There is one devotional reading for each week of Advent, and one for a Christmas Day....Read More »
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Asking Good Questions: A Gospel Shepherding Tool

Questions help us understand our hearts. Your life has likely been altered by a powerful question that helped you unlock .... Read more »
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Leadership Assessment Checklist - Saturatetheworld

Leadership Assessment Checklist

This assessment is not an exam to pass, but a process to walk through for your own... Read more »
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Leadership Development Plan - Saturatetheworld.com

Leadership Development Plan

A leadership development plan helps leaders create, for themselves, a plan to grow...... Read more »
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Missional Community Checklist | Saturatetheworld.com

Starting an MC Checklist

Are you interested in starting an MC in the near future? There’s a lot of information on what... Read more »
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Annual Planning for Missional Community Leaders

It’s so easy to go through the motions of leadership and keep the machine of a community.... Read more »
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MC Covenant Template with sample thumb

Missional Community Covenant

This template serves as a guide for a committed group of Christians to form a plan together for being... Read more »
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seasons of mission thumb

Seasons of Mission

As Missional Communities are planted, one way to assess the health of your MC is to be able to identify... Read more »
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