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How Do Spiritual Gifts Help Us Make Disciples?

Have you ever been confused about spiritual gifts? You are not alone. In this video, Jeff Vanderstelt shares an easy way to understand spiritual gifts from...Read More »
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How Can We Organize the Church to Make Disciples?

Jesus gave the church a mission: make disciples. How do we organize our churches towards that end? We first must recognize that ...Read More »
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How Can You Make Your Training DEEPER?

When you look at the equipping ministry of Jesus, and then consider common equipping practices today, it is clear that many of us have gaps...Read More »
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How Do We Engage in Spiritual Warfare Everyday?

The moment you begin to follow Jesus and live on His mission to make disciples, you will find yourself in the middle of a spiritual war...Read More »
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What is One of the Biggest Pitfalls in a Life of Ministry?

Are you in a place where you don't know if you can do ministry any more? Do you feel like you are hitting a wall and can't keep up the performance?...Read More »
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Are Missional Communities Just a Passing Fad?

Missional Communities didn't begin with the missional church movement of the early 2000s, but rather with the first-century church....Read More »
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Are We Formed on Mission, or Before Mission?

The relationship between spiritual formation and mission raises the question: Is it best to wait until people are fully formed to send them on mission?...Read More »
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How Do You Disciple Someone in Our Busy Culture?

Leading a missional community or a church full of over-busy, individualistic, and spiritually apathetic people isn't easy, but it is possible....Read More »
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How Do You Learn to Listen to the Spirit and Hear from God?

God does not want you to just have a relationship with your Bible. Rather, he wants your Bible to lead you to commune...Read More »
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