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Leading Community to Feasting with the Poor

While we instinctively know we’re called as Christians to serve and care for the poor, the opportunities and challenges often stop us in our tracks. We don’t know what to do, whom to do it with...
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Vision for Gospel Saturation

Video 7 in the Church Is More series. Jeff Vanderstelt, co-founder of Saturate, explains how discipleship is an all of life thing.
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Mission to Public Schools

How can a missional community establish a presence at a public school as they seek to make disciples of students and parents?
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Church Isn’t Just for Sunday

This is video 2 in the Church is More series.
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Missional Community Multiplication

How big should a missional community be and how can it best be set up for multiplication? Jeff Vanderstelt shares some practical guidance and some strategies for multiplication that include current group dynamics...
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Missional Community Church Realities

Churches that are structured around missional communities face a diverse range of challenges and questions. How do you develop apprentices... Read more »
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Gospel Power

How do we build a strong gospel foundation for our groups so that mission is rightly motivated by the grace that we have freely received in Jesus?
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