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How to Be Coached

If you are a leader within a missional community, you will likely need to be coached. Why? Because your community and leadership is unique...Read More »
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Coaching Multiple MCs

By nature, a church of missional communities is decentralized in organization with each MC defining how to live out the gospel in its context.
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Missional Community Coaching Conversation

What does it look like to lead using coaching skills? In this session you will find a real life example of a missional community from Soma San Clemente being coached through a normal issue.
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Using Coaching Skills

We live in a content driven society engaged in competitive talking. Yet, how might things change if we’d learn to help others move forward by asking instead of telling?
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What is Coaching?

David Achata gives an introduction to coaching from a Christian perspective as well as the differences between counseling, consulting and coaching....
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Coaching MC Leaders

Jeff Vanderstelt from Soma teaches how to draw out what’s happening in missional community leaders through a simple coaching paradigm.
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