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Feasting with the Poor: 4-Week Discussion Guide

What if our communities looked to the life of Jesus and saw ourselves as the poor and powerless getting welcomed to feast with the King of the world?
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Leading Community to Feasting with the Poor

While we instinctively know we’re called as Christians to serve and care for the poor, the opportunities and challenges often stop us in our tracks. We don’t know what to do, whom to do it with...
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Mission to Public Schools

How can a missional community establish a presence at a public school as they seek to make disciples of students and parents?
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Working with the Less Fortunate, Part 2

What does it look like for a missional community to meaningfully love and serve those who are less fortunate?
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Working with the Less Fortunate, Part 1

How can we be faithful to Jesus' call to care for the poor in the context of our missional communities?
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