Mission to Public Schools

How can a missional community establish a presence at a public school as they seek to make disciples of students and parents? Jayne Vanderstelt shares how her missional community has united together to serve a local elementary school in a…
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Loving and Doing Good

Are we known by others as people whose lives are committed to doing good individually, in our missional communities, and as a church? Todd Morr teaches on this as he highlights the reality that our transformed lives are both a…
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Working with the Less Fortunate, Part 2

What does it look like for a missional community to meaningfully love and serve those who are less fortunate? James Leet shares what he has learned through leading a missional community that seeks to patiently and persistently pursue relationships with…
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Working with the Less Fortunate, Part 1

How can we be faithful to Jesus' call to care for the poor in the context of our missional communities? Greg Landon shares how his missional community has partnered with a homeless family outreach to love, serve, and disciple towards…
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