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Leadership Archives | Saturate


Introduction to Missional Communities

With this resource, you can take the 50,000 foot tour of missional communities and answer some important questions for your team, church, and communities: What is the biblical support for missional communities?
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Our Common Struggle

Have you longed to see the Spirit send new churches, communities, and disciples to new areas of your cities and regions? Do you believe God called you to invest deeply in the leaders who will guide those discipleship environments or…
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Family Meal: Ideas, Tips, and Plans

A cornerstone for many missional communities is a weekly meal together. Not only is that a time when the community hears stories, prays, talk about mission, or any number of things, it's also a meal with food!
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Discipleship continuum DC Thumb

MC Discipleship Continuum

Discipleship is a process that looks different for every person but always involves moving from a place far from God, to being redeemed through belief in Jesus, and then growing up to become a mature...
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Missional Community Teamwork

We have discovered that leading a missional community works much better when everyone takes ownership of it. We have taken the time to list out many of the ways people in your missional community...
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How to Use Your Community Meeting

In this course you will learn how you can make the most of your community’s time together for the sake of mission and the health of your group....Read More »
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making space leader kit by jeff vanderstelt

Making Space Leader Kit

The discussions and exercises in this 8-week interactive handbook provide a step-by-step immersion of your mind, heart, soul, and life in the gospel.
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Transitioning your Church to Missional Communities

Do you desire to be a "New Testament church" and simultaneously struggle with simply "doing church on Sundays?" Read More »
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how to be coached

How to be Coached

If you are a leader within a missional community, you will likely need to be coached. Why? Because your community and leadership is unique...Read More »
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MC Church Realities Series

This is a 14-part downloadable audio series: Churches that are structured around missional communities face a diverse range of challenges and questions...
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How to Equip an MC Series

This is a 24-part downloadable audio series: Missional community is more than an event, it is a family of missionary servants who make disciples who make disciples in everyday life...
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Five Essentials for Effective Mission + Template

The most common issue we hear, as we work with churches of all shapes and sizes around the world, is How do we help equip ...Read More
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Assessing Discipleship Effectiveness

This assessment is a tool that helps elder, staff, and community leadership teams process and assess their disciple-making environment....Read More
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Leader’s Cheat Sheet

If you’re a leader of a community on mission, you might regularly scratch your head and wonder: "What am I supposed to be doing each week? What is my role in shaping this community?” Read More»
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Planning a Weekly Meal or Meeting

While many communities set aside one night each week to gather, share a meal, and have meaningful conversation, we often walk through these moments without much intention. Read More »
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Planning a Month of Missional Community

The best way to plan and lead your community is to think in months and then weeks. Planning week-to-week is too exhausting,..Read More »
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But, How Do We Do it?

“But, How Do We Do It?” is for all those grasping for answers and seeking clarity as they walk in faithfulness.
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Story of God Training

Story of God Training

This training guide provides tips and tools for leading a group of people through any of the Story of God resources...Read more »
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Our Need for Gospel Fluency & Making a Plan

When we lead people to anything other than the gospel, we’ve already lost....Read more »
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Where Do I Go From Here

Where Do I Go from Here?

Your Missional community walked through a Field Guide laying the foundation for being... Read more »
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Leadership Assessment Checklist - Saturatetheworld

Leadership Assessment Checklist

This assessment is not an exam to pass, but a process to walk through for your own... Read more »
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Leadership Development Plan - Saturatetheworld.com

Leadership Development Plan

A leadership development plan helps leaders create, for themselves, a plan to grow...... Read more »
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Missional Community Checklist | Saturatetheworld.com

Starting an MC Checklist

Are you interested in starting an MC in the near future? There’s a lot of information on what... Read more »
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Annual Planning Hopes and Dreams

Annual Planning: Hopes & Dreams

It’s so easy to go through the motions of leadership and keep the machine of a community.... Read more »
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Field Guide Alternative - 16 Week Schedule

Field Guide Alternative

If you're newer to Missional Community theory and practice, or if you or others in your group would have a... Read more »
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MC Leader Assessment Thumb

MC Leader Assessment

Our goal as the assessor is to help identify present beliefs, knowledge and character, and provide clear action steps for growth in each area.
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Leading Missional Community as a Couple

What does it look like to lead a missional community together as a couple?
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Managing the Seasons of a Missional Community

In the midst of the changing seasons of life, how can we be faithful to make disciples through missional communities?
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Valuing Personality and Gifting

How can we call people to live out who God has uniquely made them to be in the midst of missional community life?
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How to Prayerfully Plan

To prayerfully plan our days, weeks, months and years is a vital skill for Jesus disciples. This skill can be learned as we increasingly learn to submit to the Spirit of God.
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Importance of Prayerfully Planning

How is it possible to live a proactive life instead of a reactive one? Disciples of Jesus are to manage their resources well so that the world might be blessed.
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Coaching Multiple MCs

By nature, a church of missional communities is decentralized in organization with each MC defining how to live out the gospel in its context.
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Missional Community Coaching Conversation

What does it look like to lead using coaching skills? In this session you will find a real life example of a missional community from Soma San Clemente being coached through a normal issue.
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Using Coaching Skills

We live in a content driven society engaged in competitive talking. Yet, how might things change if we’d learn to help others move forward by asking instead of telling?
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What is Coaching?

David Achata gives an introduction to coaching from a Christian perspective as well as the differences between counseling, consulting and coaching....
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Coaching MC Leaders

Jeff Vanderstelt from Soma teaches how to draw out what’s happening in missional community leaders through a simple coaching paradigm.
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