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What does living for Jesus look like in the everyday stuff of life? Many Christians have unwittingly embraced the idea that “church” ... Read more »
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Saturate Field Guide Resource | saturatetheworld.com

Saturate Field Guide

This 8-week guide offers an all-of-life approach to being disciples who make disciples of Jesus. The questions, activities, prayers, and exercises will prompt you to do exactly that—put your thoughts and theology into hands-on practice.
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Ordinary People

Living on mission isn’t rocket science. It is simply the people of God taking seriously the call to saturate the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ by making disciples who make disciples.
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Strengthening Missional Communities

After listening to questions that missional practitioners have been asking, this series has been crafted to provide key resourcing to build upon the foundation of our previous video training.
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Missional Community Multiplication

How big should a missional community be and how can it best be set up for multiplication? Jeff Vanderstelt shares some practical guidance and some strategies for multiplication that include current group dynamics...
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Missional Communities As Primary Organizing Structure

What does it take to raise up disciples who are increasingly submitting all of life to the empowering presence and Lordship of Jesus? Jeff Vanderstelt teaches that this kind of discipleship necessitates life-on-life...
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Gather, Go, Grow

What are the structures that are necessary for making disciples effectively?
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Everyday Rhythms | Part 1

How do we disciple people in the everyday stuff of life in the areas of eating, listening, and story? In the first part of this Everyday Rhythms training, Jeff Vanderstelt shares how we can live out our identities through these key…
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How to Equip a Missional Community

In this training series, Jeff Vanderstelt provides a comprehensive “101” equipping for missional communities, addressing 24 key topics related to missional community life.
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Disciplemaking Environment

Jeff Vanderstelt shares why missional communities are effective to this end as they create a space where people can live life-on-life, life-in-community, and life-on-mission.
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Definition of a Growing Disciple

Jeff Vanderstelt defines a disciple as someone who worships Jesus, is changed by Jesus, and obeys Jesus’ commands.
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How to Form a Missional Community

What are the necessary elements for forming and leading a missional community?
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Missional Moms, Part 1

What does it look like to be fully engaged in motherhood and mission at the same time?
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