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How to Equip a Missional Community

In this training series, Jeff Vanderstelt provides a comprehensive “101” equipping for missional communities, addressing 24 key topics related to missional community life.
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Missional Community Church Realities

Churches that are structured around missional communities face a diverse range of challenges and questions. How do you develop apprentices... Read more »
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Gospel-Motivated Living

Jeff Vanderstelt teaches that at the root of bad behavior is lies we believe about who God is, what He has done, and who we are.
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Gospel Power

How do we build a strong gospel foundation for our groups so that mission is rightly motivated by the grace that we have freely received in Jesus?
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Disciplemaking Environment

Jeff Vanderstelt shares why missional communities are effective to this end as they create a space where people can live life-on-life, life-in-community, and life-on-mission.
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Definition of a Growing Disciple

Jeff Vanderstelt defines a disciple as someone who worships Jesus, is changed by Jesus, and obeys Jesus’ commands.
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How to Form a Missional Community

What are the necessary elements for forming and leading a missional community?
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Soma Kids

Watch this video for ideas on establishing kids in the gospel, teaching them their identities, and coming alongside parents in the process...
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Missional Moms, Part 1

What does it look like to be fully engaged in motherhood and mission at the same time?
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