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Family Meal: Ideas, Tips, and Plans

A cornerstone for many missional communities is a weekly meal together. Not only is that a time when the community hears stories, prays, talk about mission, or any number of things, it's also a meal with food!
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Personal Annual Reflection and Plan

Surrounded by family gatherings and parties, the frantic holiday season typically drowns out the beginning of the new year. Wedged somewhere between layovers, hangovers, and leftovers....Read More »
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Planning a Weekly Meal or Meeting

While many communities set aside one night each week to gather, share a meal, and have meaningful conversation, we often walk through these moments without much intention. Read More »
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How to Plan a Month of Missional Community

The best way to plan and lead your community is to think in months and then weeks. Planning week-to-week is too exhausting,..Read More »
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Leadership Development Plan -

Leadership Development Plan

A leadership development plan helps leaders create, for themselves, a plan to grow...... Read more »
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Annual Planning for Missional Community Leaders

It’s so easy to go through the motions of leadership and keep the machine of a community.... Read more »
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How to Prayerfully Plan

To prayerfully plan our days, weeks, months and years is a vital skill for Jesus disciples. This skill can be learned as we increasingly learn to submit to the Spirit of God.
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Importance of Prayerfully Planning

How is it possible to live a proactive life instead of a reactive one? Disciples of Jesus are to manage their resources well so that the world might be blessed.
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Using a Missional Community Meeting

This training provides a thorough set of things to keep in mind when planning a weekly meeting as well as a list of possible activities for weekly meetings.
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