Business as Mission

How can we understand business to be a function of who we are as missional people, avoiding a false division between work and mission? Josh Boyt shares what he has learned as an entrepreneur, seeking to develop businesses that unlock…
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Work and Mission

How do we navigate the tension between being faithful to our jobs and to our missional communities? Coby Strausbaugh shares what he has learned as a small business owner and missional community leader, bringing focus to the reality that God…
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Missional Moms, Part 2

How can moms faithfully engage on mission in the midst of the time consuming responsibilities of parenting? Sondra Chamberlain shares how she has learned to see everyday opportunities to point people to Jesus through tasks like running errands, interacting with…
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Ordinary People

Living on mission isn’t rocket science. It is simply the people of God taking seriously the call to saturate the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ by making disciples who make disciples.
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Missional Moms, Part 1

What does it look like to be fully engaged in motherhood and mission at the same time? Hannah Morr shares how she has learned to live on mission as a mom through prayer, daily reminding herself of the gospel, orienting…
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