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Gospel Shepherding

In this video, Brad Watson talks through the important structured care for disciples within communities living on mission. Brad defines shepherding and guides disciples toward a few resources that help everyone grow up in the skills of gospel shepherding.
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Gospel Fluency

In this video, Brad Watson describes and defines gospel fluency and points disciples toward practical wisdom for growing in our ability to speak the truths of Jesus in everyday life. Brad also points disciples to some of our best resources…
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Following the Holy Spirit

In this video, Brad Watson answers the question: "How do we depend on and follow the Holy Spirit?" Giving a biblical overview of the power and person of the Spirit, Brad also directs people to practical resources to help disciples…
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Starting a Missional Community

In this video, Brad Watson gives practical insights into the "recipe" and first steps of a missional community while recommending helpful resources to getting started.
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Living On Mission

In this video, Brad Watson shares three wise ways to step into a missional life on a weekly basis and explains three resources we've found to be very helpful in stepping into a disciple-making life.
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Leading a Missional Community

In this video, Brad Watson describes the role and responsibility of a leader while giving helpful steps and resources to help you lead your missional community.
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Developing Leaders

In this video, Brad Watson helps pastors, staff, and leaders understand the process, nature, and resources that can help you to develop leaders of missional communities.
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Discipling Each Other

In this video, Brad Watson explains the structures and resources used to help disciples grow in their love for one-another and take steps in discipling each other.
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