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Training holds high value in our society. Many believe education and training can, on their own, lead to a better world..... Read More »
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Missional Community Teamwork

We have discovered that leading a missional community works much better when everyone takes ownership of it. We have taken the time to list out many of the ways people in your missional community...
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Speak the Truth in Love: A Gospel Shepherding Tool

How do I speak the truth in love? This is one of our primary tasks as a disciple who makes disciples..... Read More »
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Asking Good Questions: A Gospel Shepherding Tool

Questions help us understand our hearts. Your life has likely been altered by a powerful question that helped you unlock .... Read more »
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Listen for the Heart: A Gospel Shepherding Tool

90% of good discipleship and shepherding is listening. When you’re engaging a person’s story and life.... Read more »
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Listening to the Spirit

How do I bear fruit in keeping with repentance? The Spirit will always call us to live out our gospel identity.... Read more »
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Studying the Bible

How do we read the Scriptures in community and with God at the center? In other words, how can we engage the Bible together.... Read more »
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Seasons of Mission

As Missional Communities are planted, one way to assess the health of your MC is to be able to identify... Read more »
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