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Rhythms for Intentional Discipleship

Over the last few years, I’ve been increasingly convinced that forming resilient disciples in our culture is going to take a lot more than good Sunday services and healthy small groups...Read more
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Personal Annual Reflection and Plan

Surrounded by family gatherings and parties, the frantic holiday season typically drowns out the beginning of the new year. Wedged somewhere between layovers, hangovers, and leftovers....Read More »
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How to Be Coached

If you are a leader within a missional community, you will likely need to be coached. Why? Because your community and leadership is unique...Read More »
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How to Plan a Month of Missional Community

The best way to plan and lead your community is to think in months and then weeks. Planning week-to-week is too exhausting,..Read More »
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Annual Planning for Missional Community Leaders

It’s so easy to go through the motions of leadership and keep the machine of a community.... Read more »
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MC Covenant Template with sample thumb

Missional Community Covenant

This template serves as a guide for a committed group of Christians to form a plan together for being... Read more »
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