Annual Reflection

Surrounded by family gatherings and parties, the frantic holiday season typically drowns out the beginning of the new year. Wedged somewhere between layovers, hangovers, and leftovers....Read More »
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how to be coached

How to be Coached

If you are a leader within a missional community, you will likely need to be coached. Why? Because your community and leadership is unique...Read More »
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Planning a Month of Missional Community

The best way to plan and lead your community is to think in months and then weeks. Planning week-to-week is too exhausting,..Read More »
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Annual Planning Hopes and Dreams

Annual Planning: Hopes & Dreams

It’s so easy to go through the motions of leadership and keep the machine of a community.... Read more »
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MC Covenant Template with sample thumb

Missional Community Covenant

This template serves as a guide for a committed group of Christians to form a plan together for being... Read more »
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