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4 G’s

Eternal Truth for Everyday Life

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Our actions always flow from our beliefs. We are, at times, more aware of this connection and at other times less aware, but it is always true. What we believe affects the way we live. We do certain things because we believe certain things and deep down, we know this, even though we are not always conscious of it. We save money because we believe it will give us security; we buy that fancy car because we believe it will get people to look at us.

We know it, we live it, and yet we forget it; or at least we’re not always conscious of it. We live as though we can sepa­rate out beliefs from our actions. This, of course, is wildly apparent in the way we often live when it comes to God. We “believe” that He is supreme, but we live like we are.

Authored by Brent Thomas.

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