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In everything you do, God is present. Everywhere you go, you are a child of God, a servant to Jesus, and a sent one by the Spirit. Everything counts. Christ plays in the everyday stuff of life.

But that’s often super tricky! How does grocery shopping, commuting, lunch breaks, bill paying, vacation going, work, sports, and all the other stuff of life change because of Jesus? We’ve found these five B.L.E.S.S. rhythms of life help us reorient those moments of life around Jesus and His mission.

This tool is designed to help you and your family plan and reflect on your weekly life through the lens of intentional rhythms.

Authors: The original acronym of BLESS was given to us by Tim Chester. This resource was designed by Kevin Platt and Chris Gonzalez.

The BLESS ZIP file that you download includes a PDF filetype of the document.

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