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How to Equip an MC Series

24-Episode Audio Series

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Missional community is more than an event, it is a family of missionary servants who make disciples who make disciples in everyday life. As such, the equipping needed for missional community life is far reaching — ranging from an understanding of the gospel to leadership development. In this training series, Jeff Vanderstelt provides a comprehensive “101” equipping for missional communities, addressing 24 key topics related to missional community life. Each thirty-minute session is structured to help train up missional communities and their leaders. Topics addressed include: how to form a missional community, discipleship, the gospel, identity, everyday rhythms, Spirit-dependence, leadership, spiritual warfare, and more.

The How to Equip and MC Series ZIP file that you download includes 24 mp3 audio files:

1 – How to Form an MC
2 – Growing Disciples
3 – Disciple-making Environment
4 – Gospel Power
5 – Gospel-Motivated Living
6 – Living from Your Gospel Identity

7 – Gospel Identity
8 – Everyday Rhythms Part 1
9 – Everyday Rhythms Part 2
10 – MC Hospitality
11 – Spirit Dependence Part 1
12 – Spirit Dependence Part 2

13 – Spiritual Warfare Part 1
14 – Spiritual Warfare Part 2
15 – APEST
16 – Forming MC Covenant
17 – Using MC Meeting
18 – DNA Details

19 – The Bible in an MC
20 – Prayer in MC
21 – Stewardship For Mission
22 – MC Conflict Reconciliation
23 – Men/Women in MC Leadership
24 – Coaching MC Leaders

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