Gospel Fluency Handbook Video Series Trailer - Saturate

Gospel Fluency Handbook Video Series Trailer

Speaking the truth of Jesus into the everyday stuff of life

What is gospel fluency? Hear the vision behind why we created this Gospel Fluency Handbook, and how we pray God uses it as you walk through it with your community.

Learning and immersing ourselves in the gospel is hard work! We need all the help we can get! In this nine part video series, Jeff Vanderstelt provides a great launching point into each week of the Gospel Fluency Handbook to help groups grasp the concepts and dive into the practice of becoming gospel fluent.

Please enjoy this free resource as an example of what’s available through a Saturate membership. JOIN NOW and get full access to every resource we’ve ever made with your very own membership!

**Please note that this is the trailer in a series offered in our store, but is also available to our members. Members, go here to view series, or, if you’d like to purchase, you can do so here.

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