Gospel Fluency Handbook Video Series Trailer & Introduction


What is gospel fluency? Hear the vision behind why we created the Gospel Fluency Handbook, and how we pray God uses it as you walk through it with your community.

Learning and immersing ourselves in the gospel is hard work! We need all the help we can get! In this nine part video series, Jeff Vanderstelt provides a great launching point into each week of the Gospel Fluency Handbook to help groups grasp the concepts and dive into the practice of becoming gospel fluent.

Get started watching the first video in the series.


A brief message to leaders with tips, reminders, and some insight into what we had in mind as we wrote this Handbook.

What is gospel fluency and why is it key to growing up into Christlikeness and accomplishing his mission? In this video, you’ll read Ephesians 4:15 and hear examples of speaking the gospel into everyday situations.

All sinful behavior and fruit is the result of unbelief in Jesus (John 16:9). Hear concrete examples of what unbelief produces in our minds and actions, and how each aspect of the gospel addresses our differing unbeliefs.

The source of every sinful behavior and broken relationship is unbelief in the gospel. Our unbelief may result from: 1) Ignorance, 2) Lies we believe, or 3) Truths we know but don’t trust in. To move from unbelief to belief, we must know the overall story of the Bible and the key elements of the gospel. In this video, you’ll learn the overarching narrative of Scripture and how Jesus is the pinnacle of it all; we have been saved, are being saved, and will be saved!

It is out of the overflow of the heart that the mouth speaks. We talk most about what we love or what we see working most in our lives. Where our treasure is, our heart is. We need to pay attention to what we treasure and meditate on. This video teaches what it looks like to take our thoughts captive and submit them to the truths of the gospel

Every behavior is rooted in our belief about who God is. Four questions can help us trace the fruit that is being produced in our lives to the unbelief in our hearts. We will walk through a process that helps us replace the unbelief with the truth about God.

Meals throughout the Biblical story point us forward to Jesus. We can proclaim and remember the gospel through sharing the meal, communion, together. Hear about one missional community remembering and celebrating Jesus with each other through communion.

Jesus is the Hero of the Biblical story. Every story, character, and key image in the Bible points forward to Jesus. This video teaches to read the Bible looking for Jesus as the Hero, and to also see our own stories in the same way.

In this video, we learn about walking in Spirit dependency, listening both to the Spirit and to others. As we do, we can learn to discern where they need the gospel displayed and declared.

How does wisdom play a role in gospel fluency? It is important to use wisdom as we share the truths of Jesus with others, especially those that don’t yet know Him. As the study comes to a close, we are encouraged to continue growing in and practicing gospel fluency together.

Many people have experienced sharing communion in a worship gathering setting, but what does it look like to share communion in the context of a smaller community? In this video, Jeff Vanderstelt invites you into his own missional community as he leads and explains communion. Learn more about what The Meal represents and why God calls us to do it together. Then watch as one community confesses their need to one another and receives the good news of the gospel in answer to their need.

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