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How to Plan a Month of Missional Community

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The best way to plan and lead your community is to think in months and then weeks. Planning week-to-week is too exhausting, especially for the busy leader. There is too much to think through and everything comes quickly in the normal rhythm of life. When leaders plan week-to-week their intentionality becomes nearly non-existent, and their organization tends to fall apart. The weeks become disconnected. The movement of the community towards something stalls.

It is better to do the bulk of the planning month-to-month. You can plan it all out with balance and then you can move forward preparing for each week. Planning monthly also gives the entire community a heads up, so they can plan their lives accordingly. Use this resource to plan well or in coaching to help leaders plan:

  • Tips on Planning
  • Example of a Monthly Plan
  • Template for Planning

Authored by Brad Watson.

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