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Making Space Leader Kit

Exploring Proverbs for What Matters Most

Do you know what’s most important in life? Do you feel too busy to make time for those things?

This study gleans wisdom from the Book of Proverbs and from the example of Jesus to show you how to center your life on God’s priorities. You will examine the things that matter most to God and to you as a follower of Christ. Then you will learn to apply godly wisdom that will help you incorporate these activities into your busy life. In some cases, you will find that you are doing the wrong things. Or you might find that you are doing the right things for the wrong reason or in the wrong way, so they are not life-giving or fulfilling.

Each week’s session will function as a stand-alone message, providing great opportunities to invite friends and engage in conversations about a given topic through the week topically (for example, a neighborhood dinner to discuss parenting together or a focused time to build a budget).

Wisdom is learning how to do the right things at the right time in the right way. Allow God to show you what is most important in life and when and howto engage in those activities.

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Making Space Leader Kit includes a Bible Study Book and two DVDs with eight 15-minute video content sessions. Videos include promotional material and sessions featuring author Jeff Vanderstelt. The Leader Kit also includes additional resources through WORDsearch Bible.

Session titles:
1. What Is Wisdom?
2. Finances (Work and Money)
3. Rest
4. Prayer and Bible Study
5. Heart
6. Friendship
7. Family
8. Hospitality

Kit includes:
• Bible Study Book
• One DVD with a promotional video and eight 15-minute video sessions
• Code for access to additional leader resources available from WORDsearch Bible online platform (a $350 value)

•  Videos featuring author Jeff Vanderstelt
•  Eight small-group sessions
•  Individual study opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth
•  Promotional video
•  Social-media assets for the group leader

• Identify experiences that capture your attention but are truly inferior to what God deems worthy of your time and energy.
• Turn from empty and unfulfilling busyness and devote yourself to doing what matters most.
• Embrace godly priorities as defined by the Book of Proverbs and as exemplified by the life of Jesus.
• Become better at hearing God through solitude and silence.
• Discover the role of prayer in gaining wisdom.
• Develop a right view of money and what to do with it.
• Learn how an appropriate view of work leads to a better understanding of your identity as a believer.
• Discover the key to satisfying rest.

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