MC Discipleship Continuum

MC Discipleship Continuum

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Discipleship is a process that looks different for every person but always involves moving from a place far from God, to being redeemed through belief in Jesus, and then growing up to become a mature disciple-maker. Leading a missional community will always involve leading a diverse group of people that are scattered all along the continuum of spiritual maturity.

This Discipleship Continuum of a Missional Community resource was created to help MC’s understand how the different relational realties work between a core group of believers that leads an MC, to the young believers that they are discipling on mission in their MC, to the larger group of non-Christian contacts and friends that are connected in different ways to an MC.

When an MC understands these realities, they become more effective at caring well for and discipling everyone that God has brought into the relational influence of their MC. And, it can help an MC understand how a diverse group of people could grow together and then multiply to become two MC’s that could influence even more people and make even more disciples.

The MC Discpleship Continuum  ZIP file that you download includes PDF of the document.

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