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Missional Community Foundations

A group introduction to missional community.

Gospel, Community, and Mission

Missional Community Foundations is intended to introduce you and your group to three core elements of Missional Community: Gospel, Community, and Mission. While this is not an exhaustive treatment of Missional Community, this resource will serve as a solid introduction, foster reflection through discussion questions, and guide you toward making an informed missional commitment with your community.

Learn together what it could look like to be a community of people who are devoted to Jesus, to one another, and to your neighbors and city. Our hope is that this guide will help you move from theory to practice, from good intentions to action, and from talking about “Missional Community” to becoming a “Missional Community”. Authored by Scott Newman

The Missional Community Foundations ZIP file that you download includes PDF, DOCX and PAGES filetypes of the document.

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