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February 17, 2016

Mission & Community

Bringing mission and community together. Community without mission is co-dependency. Mission without community creates mercenaries... Read more »
February 17, 2016


What does living for Jesus look like in the everyday stuff of life? Many Christians have unwittingly embraced the idea that “church” ... Read more »
Saturate Field Guide Resource |
February 17, 2016

Saturate Field Guide

This 8-week guide offers an all-of-life approach to being disciples who make disciples of Jesus. The questions, activities, prayers, and exercises will prompt you to do exactly that—put your thoughts and theology into hands-on practice.
February 16, 2016

Ordinary People

Living on mission isn’t rocket science. It is simply the people of God taking seriously the call to saturate the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ by making disciples who make disciples.
February 3, 2016

The Role of Elders

What are the roles of elders and what are the primary perspectives they lead from? Hear about some of the distinctives of  leadership....
February 2, 2016

Missional Community Multiplication

How big should a missional community be and how can it best be set up for multiplication? Jeff Vanderstelt shares some practical guidance and some strategies for multiplication that include current group dynamics...
February 2, 2016

The Role of DNA Groups

Abe Meysenburg shares that DNA groups are same sex triads of people who are a part of the same missional community who meet weekly to discover, nurture, and act...
February 2, 2016

Purpose of the Gathering

What is the importance of the Sunday gathering for a missional community structured church? Jeff Vanderstelt shares that the gathering serves three primary purposes...
February 2, 2016

Everyday Rhythms | Part 1

How do we disciple people in the everyday stuff of life in the areas of eating, listening, and story? In the first part of this Everyday Rhythms training, Jeff Vanderstelt shares how we can live out our identities through these key…
January 28, 2016

Gospel Power

How do we build a strong gospel foundation for our groups so that mission is rightly motivated by the grace that we have freely received in Jesus?
January 28, 2016

Disciplemaking Environment

Jeff Vanderstelt shares why missional communities are effective to this end as they create a space where people can live life-on-life, life-in-community, and life-on-mission.
January 27, 2016

Soma Kids

Watch this video for ideas on establishing kids in the gospel, teaching them their identities, and coming alongside parents in the process...

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