Sabbath Rest

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One of the biggest hinderances to living on mission is our complete exhaustion born out of a belief that we can do life apart from God. We falsely believe we can do the things of God apart from God and His rest. This exercise helps people plan and engage a day of Sabbath rest.

Sabbath can be described as deliberate disengagement. We make a choice to leave our normal world to remind ourselves that Jesus is the Lord of our lives, our work, and our world. But a Sabbath is also deliberate engagement in the gifts and presence of God. During a Sabbath, we observe God’s control, work, mystery, grace, and favor by taking time to see them apart from our control, work, and drive. To experience a Sabbath, we plan and observe a day in which we watch God work, hear His voice, and remember His faithfulness.

Authored by Jeff Vanderstelt.

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