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Saturate Sermon Outlines

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One way people can be introduced to the importance of the gospel applied in community and on mission is through teaching. While people often need much more than a sermon, a book, or a seminar, getting a grasp of the big picture is important. As a team we’ve compiled these sample teaching outlines for churches to use in pursuing this work. In fact, many churches pause within their calendar year and dive into sermon series or workshops using Saturate to introduce and cast vision for a church on mission while their small groups work through the Saturate Field Guide. We also highly recommend utilizing the “Church is More” video series to further enhance this equipping for your church.

Disclaimer: These are not Jeff Vanderstelt’s teaching notes, but are based on his book, Saturate, and our team’s experience helping other people teach this material. It’s recommended that a teacher read Saturate and study the referenced passages thoroughly before attempting to teach this material.

Resources that work well with this teaching series:

Authored by Saturate Team.

The Saturate Preaching Outline ZIP file that you download includes PDF and DOCX filetypes of the document.

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