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Social Media Guide for Churches

by Justin Dean & Corrin Bauer

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Communicating through social media for a church can be time consuming and emotionally exhausting, but those of us who do it day in and day out know how rewarding it can be as well. You get to be on the front lines of God’s work, not only in your church, but all over the world. We get to tell the stories of what Jesus is doing in and through our church and the lives of people that He is changing. That’s a privilege and a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

This guide was created for church social media admins and is full of advice, lessons, and policies that we hope you find helpful for your ministry. We’ve also added a table of contents so that you can go back to this document again and again as things arise. Feel free to use this guide as a starting point for creating one specific to your church. This is a useful resource for volunteers or new staff joining a communications team. Authored by Justin Dean & Corrin Bauer

© 2012-2015 Justin Dean and Corrin Bauer. You are free to distribute this content without edits, provided you do not charge for it. If you’d like to use parts of this content to develop your own church policies and procedures, please feel free to do so, providing credit where necessary. For details, see

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